PPI Network Simulator

This library provides facilities to simulate real physical networks using the PPI.

Emulated network interfaces

     →  see NetEmu interface API
     →  see NetEmu interface implementations
     →  see senf::emu::ApplyInterfaceDecorator
     →  see senf::emu::EmulatedFrequencyRegistry

The NetEmu interface abstraction allows to arbitrarily mix emulated and physical interfaces. This gives a lot of flexibility in scenario configuration.

You must start the senf::emu::EmulatedFrequencyRegistry before any traffic will flow across emulated wireless interfaces. See the documentation for more.

Packet capture utility for emulated networks

NetEmu includes a packet sniffing utility emushark which allows to capture packets on arbitrary emulated networks. Capture operation is possible either on multicast address/port (for emulated wired interfaces) or on frequency/bandwidth (for emulated wireless interfaces).

Call emushark without arguments for further help.

Predefined packet annotations

     →  see senf::emu::annotations;