collection parser libPackets

A packet parser which allows to repeat another parser or which uses some additional information to decide on the type or number of sub-parsers.

complete policy libSocket

socket policy where each axis is specified completely

composite parser libPackets

A packet parser providing access to named sub-fields which are parsers themselves.

incomplete policy libSocket

socket policy, where at least one axis is not fully specified

packet interpreter libPackets

Internal datastructure which represents one protocol or header in the chain of interpreters representing a complete packet

packet parser libPackets

lightweight class to convert between byte representation and interpreted value. Derived from senf::PacketParserBase

policy axis libSocket

one aspect defined in the socket policy, typedef and member of the senf::SocketPolicy template

policy class libSocket

implementation of a single policy axis, class derived from the axis base class

policy interface libSocket

interface directly provided by senf::ClientSocketHandle/senf::ServerSocketHandle and defined through the policy

policy libSocket

collection of policy classes, one for each policy axis, instantiation of the SocketPolicy template

protocol class libSocket

definition of a protocol as a class, class inheriting from senf::ConcreteSocketProtocol.

protocol facet libSocket

a class providing some subset of the protocol interface, class derived from senf:;SocketProtocol but not from senf::ConcreteSocketProtocol

protocol interface libSocket

interface provided by the protocol class and accessible via the senf::ProtocolClientSocketHandle::protocol()/senf::ProtocolServerSocketHandle::protocol() member

protocol parser libPackets

A composite parser which defines a network protocol.

socket policy libSocket

another name for 'policy'

value parser libPackets

A packet parser which parses a simple value like a number or network address.