Building the SENF framework

This procedure will build the complete framework including the unit tests and the example applications. After you have successfully built the library tests, you can continue to setup your own project linking against SENF.

Getting the code

To access the code, check out the code from the BerliOS repository. Change to your development
directory and use the following command
$ git clone
This will create a new directory \c senf within the current directory. For further documentation
on the use of Git, see the \c git man-page or the git homepage at

Additionally ensure, you have installed all necessary \ref senf_dependencies.


To build the library, execute all unit tests and build all examples applications, use
$ scons default examples all_tests

This assumes, that you want to build the library with your default gcc and requires the boost libraries to be available in the system include paths. If this is not the case take a look a the SConstruct file for configuration variables. You may either specify the variables on the command line or place them into a SConscript.local file.